How can you earn bitcoins quickly?

How can you earn bitcoins quickly?

Bitcoins are the favorite digital currency of all time. Some people know blockchain technology with the name of bitcoin only. Although there are many cryptocurrencies present in the market, we focus mainly on how you can earn bitcoin fast.

1.purchase bitcoins online: if you want to get bitcoins quickly then buy them online. for this, you will need an online or offline bitcoin wallet. This is a software that allows to transact in cryptocurrencies securely, store and receive funds within the bitcoin network. You can classify bitcoin wallets mainly as web, mobile, hardware, and desktop.

Once a wallet is downloaded the user must make an account on the exchange of cryptocurrency which is approved by the company providing the wallet. These exchanges are marketplaces where bitcoin sellers are trading bitcoins and other currencies to buyers in exchange for cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

You can use your credit/debit card or do bank transfer in most exchanges and some would also allow payments using Paypal. There would be a minimum transaction fee associated with every transaction. There are numerous exchanges but you can opt for reputed ones such as Bitstamp, Coinbase, Bitfinex, and Coinmama.

purchase bitcoins

2.purchase bitcoins in person: if you are thinking of buying bitcoins in person then you can do it in the following ways:

Coin ATM Radar is a website that helps you locate a Bitcoin ATM that works similarly to a regular ATM. In this ATM you can get bitcoins for your cash. Many other websites provide similar services.

Websites such as LibertyX can help you find retail stores in the United States that will provide bitcoin for cash.

Paxful and similar websites can help you know about bank branches where you can deposit fiat cash and get bitcoin in return.

Local Bitcoins and similar websites can help you find people having bitcoins who want to trade in for cash.