An Introduction to Eyelash Extensions

An Introduction to Eyelash Extensions

Artificial eyelashes are made of synthetic monofilament. They have a number of different properties, depending on their length, thickness, bend (curl) and color. The most popular lash length is 7-12 mm. Synthetic eyelashes come in different colors and lash extensions kit.

In addition, synthetic eyelashes are divided into different types:

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  • Mink eyelashes, also known as mink lashes, are matt, very soft and thin.
  • Silk eyelashes, also called silk lashes, appear shiny and in a saturated black color.
  • Sable eyelashes work tightly with the effect of made-up eyelashes.


The length of the eyelashes is a parameter that is selected individually. As with a tailor, the desired length must be “tried on” in front of the mirror and the right decision made. When choosing the shape, very clear rules must be followed. One of them says that the longest eyelashes must not be glued to the outer corners of the eyes. Eyelashes can sag, making it difficult to see. It is best to use the shape of the eyebrows as a guide and glue the eyelashes with the maximum length under the highest point of the eyebrow. Thus, it is recommended to choose a lash extension kit carefully.


Ultra-thin lashes are used to carry out all these types of effects, so no weight is noticed, and the finish, whether more or less hair is applied, is very natural. Nobody will notice that you are wearing extensions, only you will know … although you will probably even forget, because they do not weigh anything.